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£16 £13
Genuine Medical Masks as used in European Hospitals, these are much more effective than the cheap blue ones being sold

10 X Disposable 2ply Face Surgical Medical Mask Dental Anti Dust Laces Tie

£16 £13
10 X Disposable 2ply Face Surgical Medical Mask Dental Anti Dust Laces Tie These are stronger than 3 ply masks

5 x Anti Dust Pollution PM 2.5 Face Mouth Masks Washable For Kid and Adult

£12 £9
Features: – The mask is breathable, suitable to wear in spring and summer. – Made of new sponge material, can

Bio Expert 100% Pure Organic Lavender Essential Oil

£5 £4
10ML. CERTIFIED STEAMED ESSENTIAL OIL 100%, Country of Origin: France, MADE IN UK. BAR CODE: 5060559600279

Bio Expert Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother

£4 £3
100ml,Made in UK. * Glass bottle Package for better quality. Bar code: 5060559600385

Bio Expert Rosehip Brightening and Youth Organic Drops

£9 £7
10ml, Country Of Origin: Chile, Made in UK, This is organic, Cold Pressed, Virgin and unrefined Rosehip seed oil. BAR CODE : 5060559600323.

Bio Expert Vitamin C Brightening and Glowing Serum

£13 £8
30ml, Made in UK. For Radiance, Age-Defying dull, tired and grumpy skin Made with Italian Lemon Oil. BAR CODE: 5060559600309

BioExpert Morrocan Rhassoul Clay

£7 £4
BioExpert Morrocan Rhassoul Clay 200g For Face, Body & Hair Leaving your skin and hair feeling fantastic, removing impurities, looking

BioExpert Organic French Green Clay 100g

£6 £3

100% purified, sun-dried Green Clay powder, contains no additives and is of superior quality. Non-irradiated, non-ionised clay.

• Recommended for oily and Combination Skin.

• Acne Prone skin.

• External and Internal use.

French green clay is recognised for its:

Absorbing, Healing, Soothing, Calming and purifying proprieties. It is frequently used in cases of inflammation.

Dr Boots Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer 60ml

£10 £6
Features: 100% brand new and high quality Maintaining clean hands is very important to prevent the spread of germs. Quickly

La Stylee Large Wooden Paddle Spa Hairbrush Comb wooden pin

£20 £13
There are lots of acupuncture point on your head, brush your head at least 2 times a day. You will get unexpected result.  It also can improve the insomnia situation.

La Stylee Spa Wooden Curb Hair Comb

£5 £3
100% Brand New Natural Peach Wood Wooden Comb